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More letters! Pleased to find out I got my DPAGB

OK so what do all those letters mean and what's it all about? It's a distinction with the photographic alliance of great britain. I got my C a few years ago, which is a credit. The images are mixed in with everyone else who is applying and you need 300 points in total. The 6 judges score between 2 and 5, where 2 is a no, 3 near miss, 4 is yes and 5 should be in the next level. So here are my photos and the scores. I got a total of 343 so well over the required 300 and very pleased that the judges liked dogs!

Determined Look 21

Look 24

Legover 19

Her Indoors 24

Omar Versus the Biscuit 27

I Wanted That 26

Flying Kayaker 26

Coming Through the Gate 21

Fight or Flight 28

Racing 23

Lava Heron With Catch 21

Steep Route 18

In Step 19

Ego Gallery 21

Underdog 25 and retained as an example of the standard required.

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