Aluminium Collection 

24x16" Aluminium Wall Art

10x8" Aluminium Desktop Panel

£275 saving £100

Wood Collection

24x16" Wooden Panel

7x5" Desktop Panel

£200 saving £120

PawsforaPhoto want to provide you with interesting and timeless artwork that you will cherish and will be admired for years to come.

We offer a full range of products but suggest you consider one of our great value collections:

Canvas Collection

24x16" Canvas Wall Art

5 Gift Prints 

£225 saving £85

Acrylic Collection Most Popular

24x16"Acrylic Float Panel

7x5"Acrylic Block or 3 4x4" Acrylic mini blocks on easels

£350 saving £120

Framed Collection

Double Mounted Print in a 24x16" Frame

Double Mounted Print in a 12x10" Frame

£345 saving £140