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"Christine has taken some beautiful photos of my three dogs, she has a way of being able to create a sense of fun to help bring out their individual personalities and then catch the moment in a range of artistic shots. More formal and posed or informal and jolly – the biggest and hardest decision is narrowing down which photos to frame from your “shoot” and how big to go with the print.... a nice problem as problems go !" Judith 

studio shot of three retrievers
outside photo of three dogs
three retrievers in a line

"I am the proud owner of a portrait of my beautiful Labrador, which Christine took when he was a puppy.

It is wonderful reminder, of those early days and with Christine's skill she managed to capture his character even at that young age. I also have a fabulous reminder of my previous Lab, also taken by Christine." Brigitte

Galloping horse and rider
Black labrador puppy doing a head tilt
Low key lighting of a black labrador in a studio

"In our household Christine is known as a bit of a dog whisperer. She has the ability to get any dog to listen and behave – she is hero worshipped by my oldest dog whom she has known since he was a puppy but our new dog, a rescue , has also been completely won over by Chris.

This ability to get dogs to behave so well and love pleasing her really shines through in Christine’s pet photography. The dogs have great fun and the end results are fantastic – we’ve even got a photo with our dog holding a ball for her, something he never shows any interest in for us!

The only problem with Christine’s pet photos is making a decision which ones to chose – most – and trying to put off asking her to do more! Priceless Memories." Eileen

two labradors from a low angle
Chocolate labrador playing with a ball
playful black labrador

"Christine was commissioned to take some photographs of our two cocker spaniels for my birthday. To say that I was delighted with the result is an understatement. A short browse through her portraits ably demonstrates not only a mastery of photographic techniques but her ability to capture and enhance the character of her subjects - a rare skill indeed! As someone who likes to think he can take photographs I'm very jealous. Wholeheartedly recommended."

cocker spaniels from above in studio
cocker spaniels in studio
cocker spaniels posing with a white background
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